Réserve Africaine de Sigean


19 Chemin Hameau du Lac
11130 Sigean

Réserve Africaine de Sigean: lioness

The Réserve Africaine de Sigean, a unique experience in a beautiful setting

Along the Étang de Bages-Sigean lagoon, the park provides both conservation for typically African species and preservation for the local natural environment. Nearly 4,000 animals live on the park’s 300 hectares. You can visit a portion of the park on foot, following the paths that wind between the enclosures and vivaria, and the rest you can see by car. The section of the park that is accessible by car for a safari-type tour is composed of 8 large spaces in which the animals can range freely. Over 7.5 km, you will cross through savannah and brush and see rhinos, zebras, giraffes, emus, and Tibetan bears. You can take a guided VIP tour in a mini-bus and listen to exciting explanations and learn more about these species. You can also spend a whole day at the park. Picnics are allowed in shaded areas near the animal enclosures. Or, you can eat on the patio at the restaurant-cafeteria located at the entrance to the pedestrian park. We also have several snack bars available in the park. There are a staggering number of species that live in the African reserve. There are lions, warthogs, camels, meerkats, giraffes, and chimpanzees. The large pond in the pedestrian area is home to thousands of birds, both exotic and local species.