From 26/04 to 28/08

African Reserve of Sigean

The African reserve of Sigean, a unique experience in an exceptional setting

Along the ponds of Bages-Sigean, the African reserve has a double mission: the conservation of typical African species and the preservation of the local natural environment.

Nearly 4000 animals live on the exceptional 300-hectare site of the reserve. Part of the park can be visited on foot, on paths winding between the enclosures and vivariums, another part can be discovered by car. The part of the park accessible by car for a visit in Safari mode is composed of 8 large spaces in which the animals live in semi-liberty. The 7.5 km route crosses savannah or bush scenery to meet rhinos, zebras, giraffes, emus or Tibetan bears. It is possible to take advantage of a guide during a VIP tour in a mini-bus, to benefit from fascinating explanations and learn more about the species encountered. The reserve is best visited over a full day. For lunch, you can picnic in the pleasant shaded areas near the animal enclosures, or sit on the terrace of the restaurant-cafeteria located at the entrance to the pedestrian park. Several snack bars are also available in the park. The variety of species present in the African reserve is extraordinary. One can observe lions, warthogs, dromedaries, meerkats, giraffes or chimpanzees. The large pond located in the heart of the pedestrian part of the park is home to thousands of birds: exotic species as well as local ones.

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